Here is the story behind the beginnings of Deepest Hell: Unofficial VENOM Fanclub, and a little insight into why it exists……

A few years after Site Of The Hydra first launched in 2001, we were running a (then official) VENOM Forum. One evening, Mr Thomas Herou posted on the Forum, and simply wrote: "It would be be great to have a new VENOM Fanclub"

I hit the reply button with: "Yeah, that would be cool"

Now, that reply did not go down well with a certain person and led to some rather unexpected problems for us in Hydra-land, but too late – the seed (of evil) had been sown….

Time passed, and the topic would arise every so often when Thomas and me were in contact. Then more time would pass, and again it would be mentioned. This carried on for rather a long time. Any time we mentioned it, we agreed it would be awesome to get something going. Flash forward to late 2011, and we both just said Fuck it, lets do this! Ideas starting shooting back and forth via e-mails, and we were both thinking along the same lines as to what we wanted to create. The plan was to have a Fanclub for the true VENOM Freaks, those Die Hard people who take great pride in their support of real VENOM, just like we do! We wanted a club with no joining or subscription fees for members. A member certificate was a must, while something like a Fanclub shirt would be beyond awesome! Moneys was scrapped together, and we managed to get a limited amount of shirts printed, and we passed on these shirts for the exact amount we paid, plus actual shipping costs. While this is great for the lucky ones who managed to get a shirt, we realise it is a bummer for those who missed out. But we hope you understand that we are just normal people behind this, there is no way we could afford to get 1000’s of shirts made, but we were also sure that we would not sell shirts for a profit to finance extra shirts or anything. Not the ideal scenario, but under the circumstances there is no other option….

But we should also point out that we started this Fanclub not to gain world domination or have 1000’s of members. Rather we want to have this club to bring Venomous pleasure to an almost select few (hence our rather strict joining rules). We don’t have any grand plans for what we will do for the future, so we are not gonna make any big promises or predictions…. But we can assure you that we will only ever be doing this for the right reasons, because of the VENOM in our blood! Thomas, Daniela (Mrs Hydra) and myself have invested a hell of a lot of effort and time into this, and if even some of you are happy with the results, then we will be more than happy too!

So, enjoy The Darkest Depths of DEEPEST HELL!!

John (also on behalf of Daniela, Lorraine & Thomas)